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Functional Medicine

Functional Medicine provides individualized, personalized medical care that focuses on discovering the underlying factors that cause illness and uncomfortable symptoms. We look to understand the root cause of disease and then treat the cause in order to remove the symptoms as opposed to alleviating symptoms without addressing the underlying problems.

Simply put, Functional Medicine is an innovative “Operating System” that doctors use to identify the underlying cause of our patient’s symptoms and conditions. Instead of the current outdated model which matches a drug with a symptom, functional medicine practitioners interpret a person’s symptoms through a genetic, lifestyle and personalized lens.

Functional Medicine vs Conventional Medicine

Our Treatment Philosophy

Functional medicine involves understanding the origins, prevention, and treatment of complex, chronic disease. The focus is on patient-centered care, not just treating the symptoms. Health is viewed as positive vitality, not just the absence of disease. By listening to the patient and learning his or her story, the practitioner brings the patient into the discovery process and tailor’s treatments that address the individual’s unique needs.

Functional medicine practitioners look upstream to consider the complex web of interactions in the patient’s history, physiology, and lifestyle that can lead to illness. The ultimate goal is not only to improve your health if you have a chronic illness, but also to prevent future health issues. Another way of explaining functional medicine to patients is with the Functional Four P’s:

Predictive because we can reliably foresee many vulnerabilities and imbalances that a person is most susceptible to.

Preventative, with research clearly indicating our interventions are effective in eliminating symptoms and reducing the likelihood of developing many of the modern chronic illnesses.

Proactive because it involves patient participation, not just taking drugs or supplements that another practitioner has prescribed.

Personalized because we create and provide a tailored action plan that fits the patient’s individual needs. This is based on an understanding of each person’s unique physiology using the appropriate laboratory and clinical examinations.

As a Certified Nutrition Specialist and Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, with a Masters in Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine, Dr. Lazarus implements functional medicine protocols with every patient. Dr. Lazarus uses Functional Medicine with Clinical Nutrition for many conditions and specializes in the following conditions:

  • Digestive Complaints
  • Autoimmune Conditions
  • Thyroid Imbalances
  • Metabolism/Weight Loss Issues
  • Diabetes