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Corporate Wellness

Corporate wellness is a key component of the new paradigm of thriving business cultures. The fundamentals of workplace wellness programs include evidence-based critical components such as developing a plan, creating a culture of wellness, cultivating employee engagement, applying behavior change methodologies, understanding the role of defined methodologies to measure success, and harnessing the importance of innovation in mitigating the health care cost growth rate.

There is no one-size-fits-all wellness program. Our Leadership Wellness Program is HIPAA compliant and offers both a participatory and health-contingent program. We rely on evidence-based best practice strategies and tailor interventions to specific employer populations. We are uniquely aligned to offer cutting edge corporate wellness programs that focus on healthy lifestyle promotion, leadership and motivation.

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Exclusive Corporate Wellness Program

Attendees will experience our unique presentation on leadership, performance and health strategies. Dr. Lazarus outlines the optimal nutrition components and the concept of personalization, stress physiology and management practices, fitness techniques and lifestyle advice for performance.

World record adventurer, Jason Caldwell provides leadership and professional development components with lessons in leadership characteristics and how to properly and continually answer the question “why?” He reviews professional development strategies such as quitting like a winner, setting performance objectives, and establishing gathering points.

Finally, we deliver keys to unlock professional and personal potential, why losing isn’t the worst thing, quantity time vs. quality time, why daydreaming is one of the most important moments in your day and finding true confidence. Our ability to offer cutting edge wellness strategies with effective leadership guidelines make our unique corporate wellness program a high demand service that is applicable to all businesses.

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