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I’m a practicing Ob/Gyn and clinical assistant professor at an academic institution and appreciate evidence-based medical information. Dr. Lazarus is very knowledgeable about novel scientific research in the health space and communicates it effectively. I’ve learned relevant wellness information from him that I have incorporated into my own practice and I highly recommend him.

Dr. Leah Millheiser, MD,
FACOG Clinical Assistant Professor,
Stanford University School of Medicine

I don’t think it’s possible to understand more about the makeup of my body chemistry than I do now. Dr. Ryan Lazarus took away the guessing game and broke down my health in a very clear and understandable way. I now know the information I need to maximize my overall health.

Maggie Rizer
Fashion Model Celebrity

After a physically demanding 31-year career in the California fire service and an intellectually draining decade as an appointee of two California Governors, Dr. Lazarus’ vast and practical knowledge of functional medicine has been the driving force in helping me regain my health.

Chief Janet Upton
CAL FIRE Deputy Director (retired)

Dr. Ryan Lazarus is my all-time favorite healthcare professional. He is a great listener, has miracle healing hands, and is passionate to help his clients achieve better health. The team in the front office are rockstars and always helpful. I trust “Team LW” with all my wellness needs!

Cherie Blanco

Dr. Lazarus and the muscle therapist, JC, were able to show me the bigger picture of what was going on with my muscles and tendons. They not only treated the issue in the office but also provided at home exercises and stretches that helped ease the discomfort and treat the underlying cause of the pain.

Rachel Simpson

I was referred to Dr. Lazarus by someone at the winery who said, “he’s the best in the area”. I was very impressed, and I would definitely recommend Dr. Lazarus to anyone seeking spine care or for sports injuries.

Rob Harris

Because of Dr. Lazarus’s (and his wonderful staff) knowledge and sincere passion for spreading WELLNESS to others, my life is so much better.  In a nutshell, if you go to Dr. Lazarus’s, you will have a better quality of life.

Travis Newton

Due to the high ratings and positive reviews I made an appointment.  After describing my symptoms to Dr. Lazarus, he told me it’s either 1 of 2 things and he was correct. Dr. Lazarus and his team seem to truly care and make the extra effort to answer all your questions.

Tyler Hadson

I have been a patient with Dr. Ryan Lazarus since he started his practice in Napa.  Initially I just saw him for spinal work.  Throughout the years, as he has developed his practice, he taught me about functional wellness and is extremely passionate about his patients living their best, healthiest lives and he has devoted his life to that end.

Christine Tomlinson

As a career military officer, I appreciate precision and accuracy. Dr. Lazarus is the most knowledgeable doctor regarding nutrition and an exemplary role model for health and wellness.

Lieutenant-Colonel Bill Chadwick,
US Army Special Forces (retired)

I have been fortunate enough to visit highly rated nutritionists and training centers all over the country. Dr. Lazarus is miles above anyone I had the chance to work with, both in knowledge of the entire body and implementation of health improvement plans.

Drew Bennett
Former NFL Wide Receiver Athlete

I have been teaching in the Health and Fitness Industry for the past 30 years. “One Size” does not fit all, and I always encourage everyone to personalize their nutrition and exercise lifestyle plan. Dr. Ryan Lazarus is on the cutting edge of wellness and I recommend him to everybody.

Celeste Carducci-Ahnfeldt
College Health Professor & Fitness Expert

Dr. Ryan Lazarus is the model of health. His knowledge and implementation strategies are remarkable, and he has an amazing reputation for inspiring and motivating everybody.

Mark Ibanez
KTVU Sports Anchor

Dr. Matthew Murphy is exceptional in his craft with great care, charisma, intelligence, and patience. In just two sessions, Dr. Murphy was able to provide more relief than I have felt in 2 years. I look forward to my continued therapy and interactions with Dr. Murphy and the rest of the staff at Lazarus Wellness.


Joshua Jones

I highly recommend Dr. Murphy to anyone and everyone with back and neck issues and have referred quite a few friends to him. Lazarus Wellness gets an A+ from me!

Tomasima Worth

Dr. Lazarus is a wealth of knowledge and passionate about his craft. I continue to go here for routine maintenance and would HIGHLY recommend this practice.

Brittany Edwards

Dr. Lazarus is very knowledgeable and has plenty of good information about injury prevention.  His approach is energetic yet gentle.  His staff is very friendly, and I was seen promptly for each visit.

Cassie Bost

There are a lot of good doctors out there, but few that are “great”. I came to Dr. Lazarus after reading other Yelp reviews.  For my specific problem, he used trigger point therapy, Graston technique, an exercise and posture correction regime, and adjustments. I recommend him highly.

Roberta Montero

I believe anyone with a sincere interest in wellness and improvements in their health outcome would benefit from working with Ryan Lazarus and Lazarus Wellness. I truly can’t recommend him highly enough.

Carrie Gunderson