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Dr. Ryan Lazarus

Dr. Ryan Lazarus
Dr. Ryan Lazarus DC, MSc, CNS, IFMCP

Dr. Ryan Lazarus is the Clinical Director at Lazarus Wellness, Board-Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner, Certified Clinical Nutritionist, Certified Personal Trainer and Rehabilitation Specialist. He holds a Master’s Degree in Nutrition and Functional Medicine and a Bachelor’s Degree in Exercise Science and is the owner of Lazarus Chiropractic Inc, Corporate Wellness Consultant, Researcher and Entrepreneur within the health and wellness field.

Dr. Lazarus is currently an international speaker on personalized functional medicine and nutrition protocols to physicians in private practice as well as employees in the corporate setting. He offers every patient personalized nutrition and training protocols using comprehensive examinations, functional labs and genetic testing. His cutting-edge health protocols and lifestyle strategies have facilitated tremendous advantages for all his patients including professional athletes, high level executives and CEO’s and world record performance teams. His focus on mindfulness practice, stress management, training tactics, personalized supplementation and optimal nutrition has allowed each individual the ability to achieve their genetic potential and live their best life in optimal health.

Dr. Lazarus is also the healthiest sick person you will ever meet. After a traumatic injury at age 18 which crushed multiple internal organs and derailed a promising athletic career, he found himself with a host of debilitating illnesses including insulin dependent Type 1 Diabetes and frequent digestive failure. The catastrophic event that could have ended his life has actually become the catalyst for his now decades long career as a medical professional. He has dedicated his life to helping others understand and unlock the power of their own unique genetic potential and delivers it with passion and excitement.