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Cutting Edge Functional Medicine

Individualized Clinical Nutrition

Wellness Warrior, Achieve Your Potential.

Corporate Wellness Solutions

Lazarus Wellness uses cutting edge functional medicine, clinical nutrition, and fitness programs to help patients achieve their true potential. Dr. Ryan Lazarus has developed an innovative system that addresses our bodies Six Essential Elements that work together to keep our body in alignment and unlock our potential to achieve optimal health and performance.

We Represent the New Health Paradigm in 2022 and Beyond


I’m a practicing Ob/Gyn and clinical assistant professor at an academic institution and appreciate evidence-based medical information. Dr. Lazarus is very knowledgeable about novel scientific research in the health space and communicates it effectively. I’ve learned relevant wellness information from him that I have incorporated into my own practice and I highly recommend him.

Dr. Leah Millheiser, MD, FACOG
 Clinical Assistant Professor
Stanford University School of Medicine

As a career military officer, I appreciate precision and accuracy. Dr. Lazarus is the most knowledgeable doctor regarding nutrition and an exemplary role model for health and wellness.

Lieutenant-Colonel Bill Chadwick
US Army Special Forces (retired)

Professional Medical Certifications